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Affogato Coffee & Ice Cream e-liquid

Vape Train’s Affogato e-liquid is a blend of vanilla ice cream & espresso coffee flavours. If you love coffee vapes, then you will definitely want to get on this one. It’s a scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream on the inhale, then followed by drizzled rich espresso coffee flavour on the exhale.

Banana Cheesecake e-Liquid

Vape Train’s Banana Cheesecake e-liquid is the ultimate dessert vape with a thick creamy cheesecake, built from the bottom up on a crumbly biscuit base, then topped with ripe bananas, simply irresistible as a creamy dessert vape.

Banoffee Pie e-liquid

Vape Train’s Banoffee Pie e-liquid is a delicious banana and toffee pie with a thick cream topping on a crumbly sweet biscuit base served with a shave of milk chocolate. If this doesn’t whet your appetite nothing ever will!

Black Forest e-Liquid Vape e-Juice

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Vape Train’s Black Forest Cake e-liquid is loaded with everything you would expect from a black forest cake e-liquid. Layered to perfection are maraschino cherries, ganache icing, shaved dark chocolate, and thickened cream wedged between thin layers of chocolate cake to make this lip-smacking creation. Now your taste-buds can party like it’s their birthday!

Blue Raspberry Greek Yogurt e-Liquid Vape e-Juice

Vape Train’s Blue Raspberry Yogurt e-liquid is a thick creamy Greek style based topped with fresh sweet blueberries and slightly sour raspberries.

Blueberry Custard e-Liquid Vape e-Juice

Vape Train’s Blueberry Custard e-liquid is delicious blend of ripe sweet blueberries floating in a rich creamy custard that’s just packed full of cloudy goodness.

Brandy Cream Snaps e-Liquid Vape e-Juice

Vape Train’s Brandy Cream Snaps e-liquid is loaded with everything you would expect from a brandy snap from a crispy hard snap with primary notes of butter, brown sugar, ginger and golden syrup pipe filled with a brandy thickened cream.

Brandy Custard e-Liquid Vape e-Juice

Vape Train’s Brandy Custard e-liquid is a thick vanilla custard paired with the finest brandy. You won’t need a Christmas pudding to enjoy this delicious custard as it vapes perfectly on it’s own.

Choc Mint Ice Cream eLiquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Choc Mint Ice Cream e-liquid is a fresh mint ice cream flavour that’s creamy with chocolate chunks making this a pleasant all day vape.

Chocolate banana e-Liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Chocolate Banana e-liquid is a delicious ripe banana coated with thick creamy milk chocolate. A true mouth-watering experience on every vape!

Chocolate Custard e-Liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Chocolate Custard e-liquid is delicious blend of cocoa chocolate mixed to a rich creamy custard that’s just packed full of cloudy goodness.

Cookies N Cream e-Liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Cookies N Cream is a delicious dessert e-liquid that consists of carefully placed Cookies on a freshly thickened vanilla ice cream.

Creamy Cheesecake e-Liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Creamy Cheesecake e-liquid is a superb flavour that mimics the true taste of your favourite cheesecake, with that crumbly biscuit base and smooth cream cheese filling, makes this e-juice the perfect dessert vape.

Crème Brulée e-Liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Crème Brûlée e-liquid is creamy rich vanilla bean custard with a burnt sugar caramel crust that’s simply irresistible as a dessert vape. Now you can enjoy this wonderful dessert without any calories!

Custard Cone Puffs e-Liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Custard Cone Puffs e-Liquid is fluffy buttery pastry, that’s freshly piped with thick creamy custard and lightly dusted with fine icing sugar.

Far Breton e-Liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Far Breton e-liquid is a classic French custardy pudding cake, that we’ve translated into an e-juice flavour, which consists of smooth buttery cake base along with brandy-soaked prunes and raisins that makes this delicious baked dessert a real treat to vape.

French Vanilla Ice Cream e-Liquid Vape eJuice

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Vape Train’s French Vanilla Ice Cream e-liquid is a creamy vanilla ice cream flavour that’s delightful regardless of which season you’re in. fresh scoops of thick sweet ice cream on the inhale followed by a bold vanilla bean on the exhale.

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream e-liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Hokey Pokey Ice Cream is a perfect desert e-liquid that bring a luxurious mix of chunky caramel toffee pieces  mixed through a delicious vanilla ice-cream.

Jam Donut e-Liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Jam Donut e-liquid is a freshly baked doughnut that’s lightly dusted with cinnamon sugar, piped full of thick sweet strawberry jam. On the inhale your taste buds will meet with a sweet cinnamon dough followed by a bursting rush of sweet strawberry jam on the exhale. It’s just simply irresistible!

Lemon & Lime Sorbet e-liquid

Vape Train’s Lemon & Lime Sorbet e-liquid is a fresh mix of ripe juicy lemon & Persian limes frozen to perfection in this wonderfully refreshing vape.

Lemon Meringue Tart e-Liquid Vape eJuice

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Vape Train’s Lemon Meringue Tart e-Liquid is a sweet tangy lemon tart with a crispy biscuit pie base filled with a fluffy meringue top which makes this the ultimate baked dessert vape heading into those cooler months.

Milk & Cookies e-liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Milk & Cookies e-liquid is just like taking dunk of your favourite choc chip cookie into a glass of cold full cream milk. An extremely satisfying vape for any part of the day or night.

Peach & Cream e-liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Peach & Cream e-liquid is delicious combination of fresh juicy peaches topped with thick rich, velvety cream, that’s lusciously enriched by hints of vanilla, making this the ultimate dessert all day vape.

Peanut Butter Cheesecake e-Liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake e-liquid is cheesecake e-liquid with primary notes of peanut butter & creamy cheesecake followed by crumbly biscuit base with subtle back notes of chocolate which is layered to perfection. If you love cheesecake dessert vapes, you’re going to love this one.