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DIY Express Kit – Mix Your Own e-liquid DIY Beginners Mixing Kit 125ml+ Four Flavour Concentrates

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Vape Train’s DIY Express Kit for beginners, is designed for new mixers wanting to quickly make their own e-juice without much effort at all. We know everyone has a busy lifestyle so it’s always convenient to buy a premix, but not anymore. With our express kit you can mix four flavours without much effort, in fact you don’t even need a calculator or scales.
We’ve made this kit super affordable so simple were confident you can have your own e-juice mixed in a few short minutes of receiving your kit.

Mix Your Own e-liquid DIY Beginners Mixing Kit 500ml+ Six Flavour Concentrates

Vape Train’s DIY Beginners e-Liquid Mixing Kit, is perfect for anyone that’s interested in creating their own e-liquid.

Why create your own e-liquid?
Cost is one of the major factors of choosing to create your own e-liquid and following this is total control over your e-liquid recipe to create the flavours that you like. Boost your confidence and learn how to mix your e-liquid is not only rewarding, it gives you the ability to be flexible on creating the flavours that work for you.
If you’re sick and tired of paying as much as $1 per ml of e-liquid in some cases then we are about to create it for a whole lot less, this kit will provide a minimum 500ml of e-liquid. We are not going to point out the obvious but if you do the math you will clearly see the money saving in making your own e-juice.