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 Turkish Tobacco e-liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Turkish Tobacco e-liquid is a mild tobacco that’s wonderfully aromatic with a long lasting taste. Enjoyers of those that are seeking a light cigarette flavour.

Black Cherry Cigar e-Liquid

Vape Train’s Black Cherry Cigar e-liquid is a robust cigar flavoured e-juice with a hint of sweet cherry.

Chocobaco e-liquid Vape eJuice

Vape train’s Chocobaco e-liquid is a unique blend of earthy bold tobacco that’s lusciously enriched by the vividness of fine dark chocolate and the subtle tones of vanilla with caramel will emerge on the exhale.

Hump Tobacco e-liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Hump Tobacco e-liquid is a blend of superior USA Virginia leaf and a rich Turkish tobacco leaf mix which makes this the ultimate combination of tobacco flavours. If you’re a lover of tobacco e-liquids you will appreciate the authenticity of woody and earthy tones that’s provided in this ejuice.

Peach Tobacco e-liquid Vape eJuice

Vape Train’s Peach Tobacco e-liquid is a mild tobacco that’s infused with a nectarous sweet juicy peachy flavour, which makes this the combination of the tobacco plant and fruit world a bliss on every vape.

Royal Rollie Tobacco e-liquid

Vape Train’s Royal Rollie Tobacco e-liquid is a bold blend of your favourite rolling tobacco flavour with hints of port, rum and spices you would expect from a Royal rolling tobacco. The flavour is long lasting on the palate which makes it enjoyable for an all-day vape.

RY5 Vanilla Tobacco e-liquid

Vape Train’s RY5 Vanilla Tobacco e-liquid is a delicious blend of the finest tobacco with a slightly sweet vanilla exhale. If you love RY5 then you will love our version of it.

RY6 Caramel Vanilla Tobacco e-liquid

Vape Train’s RY6 Caramel Vanilla Tobacco e-liquid has a rich and rounded smokey golden tobacco flavour with subtle vanilla and caramel undertones. If you love RY6 then you will love our version of it.