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Mix Your Own “Pine Lime Ice Cream” e-juice Recipe Flavour Pack DIY

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Vape Train’s Mix Your Own “Pine Lime Ice Cream” e-juice Recipe Pack

Includes 7 x 10ml Flavour Concentrates as stated below to make this recipe

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Vape Train’s Mix Your Own “Pine Lime Ice Cream” e-juice Recipe Pack

We know everyone has a busy lifestyle so it’s always convenient to buy a premix, but not anymore. With our easy to follow recipes you can make ejuice like a pro without much effort at all.  let’s get started !

Recipe Overview

Pine lime ice cream was a fairly simple flavour profile to work on as the flavours involved were relatively straightforward apart from getting the balance of the ice cream to shine in this recipe. The aim was to build the outer ice-block first which consisted of lime, pineapple and a mild addition of sorbet to create that slight coolness effect without using koolada although optional if you enjoy a pronounced cooling effect. Moving on to the internals which consists of a creamy vanilla ice-cream. To create the centerpiece for this e-juice we added Vanilla ice Cream, Vanilla Cream and a hint of toffee ice cream at a low percentage to gel the ice-creams together and aiding with a slight sweetness coming in from the toffee. The creamy component provided great texture on the exhale and left a lingering creaminess at the end of the vape. To finish off the recipe, we added a splash of fairy floss, which aided the outer casing of the ice-block with a wet sweet syrupy mouthfeel for the inhale.

Pine Lime Ice Cream E-liquid Recipe – 30ml Bottle
Flavours Percentage Volume Weight Drops
VTA Lime Cordial 2% 0.6 ml 0.62g 12
VTA Sugarloaf Pineapple 3% 0.9 ml 0.93 g 18
VTA Sorbet 0.5% 0.15 ml 1.16 g 3
VTA Vanilla Ice Cream 5% 1.5 ml 1.55 g 30
VTA Vanilla Cream 3% 0.9 ml 0.93 g 18
VTA Toffee Ice Cream 2% 0.6 ml 0.62 g 12
VTA Fairy Floss 1% 0.3 ml 0.31 g 6

Note: The measurements above are based on a 30ml mixture when using drops, Please add these percentages to your mixing calculator, to obtain a free e-liquid mixing calculator you can download one for PC from here

Flavour Notes

Flavour 1: VTA Lime Cordial. This lime felt like the perfect ingredient to use in this recipe as has that artificial slushee kind of taste that’s low in lime citrus which will allow the other flavours to bind well in the overall mix

Flavour 2: VTA Sugarloaf Pineapple. This pineapple was sweet enough and had an accentuated juicy flesh  pineapple flavour which paired well with the lime cordial.

Flavour 3: VTA Sorbet. This sorbet provided a very mild coolness to the ice block which assisted to finalise the outer component of this recipe.

Flavour 4: VTA Vanilla Ice Cream. This Vanilla Ice Cream created the ice cream component layer which initiated the creamy notes.

Flavour 5: VTA Vanilla Cream. This Vanilla aided with the texture and heavy cream base that the overall recipe needed, the vanilla cream and ice-cream work well together when adjustments are needed to cream levels.

Flavour 6: VTA Toffee Ice Cream. This toffee ice cream at low percentage assisted with the bonding of the ice-creams and created a layer of depth to subtle the top heavy lime note, whilst providing sweetness to the mix.

Flavour 7: VTA Fairy Floss. This fairy floss encapsulated lime, pineapple and sorbet which gave a syrupy sweet mouthfeel to the ice block and assisted with overall recipe sweetness.

Recipe Guide

Breath Time: Cap off bottle for 3hrs
Steep Time : 4-10 days in dark cool cupboard
Total Recipe Flavours:7
Recipe Complexity : Beginner / intermediate
Mixing Time: Approx 7mins

Why create your own e-liquid?

Cost is one of the major factors of choosing to create your own e-liquid and following this is total control over your e-liquid recipe to create the flavours that you like. Boost your confidence and learn how to mix your e-liquid is not only rewarding, it gives you the ability to be flexible on creating the flavours that work for you.
If you’re sick and tired of paying as much as $1 per ml of e-liquid in some cases even more, then we are going to show you how easy it is to create awesome tasting e-liquids right in the comfort of your home.

Please note: This pack does NOT include mixing bottles,dispensing bottles or PG/VG. Be sure to add those to your shopping cart if you require them.

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Additional information

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