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Mix Your Own “Skittle Bomb Shots” e-juice Recipe Flavour Pack DIY


Vape Train’s Mix Your Own “Skittle Bomb Shots” e-juice Recipe Flavour Pack DIY

Includes 3 x 10ml Flavour Concentrates as stated below to make this recipe

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Vape Train’s Mix Your Own “Skittle Bomb Shots” e-juice Recipe Pack

We know everyone has a busy lifestyle so it’s always convenient to buy a premix, but not anymore. With our easy to follow recipes you can make ejuice like a pro without much effort at all.  let’s get started !

Recipe Overview

Let’s Make Skittle Bomb Shots e-liquid. A unique beverage flavour which includes all the goodies that everyone loves. Being one of my personal favourites, it was necessary for it to be released to the mixing community. It all starts with a sharp Vodka, infused with skittles, then dunked into a shot of red bull flavour.

The aim for this recipe is to create a rushing inhale of vodka, which will develop midway into skittle candy, with an exhale of red bull whilst leaving a candied mouthfeel on the palate.

First up we’ll need to start with our primary flavor of vodka, and for this I’ll be using VTA Russian Vodka as it will give the perfect vodka taste and throat hit. Secondly we need to infuse the vodka flavour with skittles and for this I’ll be using VTA Rainbow Treats, which will produce that sour sweet candied flavour. Finally we will finish up adding our energy flavour and for this I will using VTA RB Energy which mimics the taste required to complete this recipe. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have and I look forward to your feedback.

Feel free to adjust this recipe according to your taste, you could also optionally add a few drops of Sweet Mate, if you prefer a super sweet taste.

Skittle Bomb Shots E-liquid Recipe – 30ml Bottle
Flavours Percentage Volume Weight Drops
VTA Rainbow Treats 7 % 2.1 ml 2.15 g 42
VTA Russian Vodka 4% 1.2 ml 1.24 g 24
VTA RB Energy 5% 1.5 ml 1.58 g 30

Note: The measurements above are based on a 30ml mixture when using drops, Please add these percentages to your mixing calculator, to obtain a free e-liquid mixing calculator you can download one for PC from here

Flavour Notes

Flavour 1: VTA Rainbow Treats.  This rainbow candy gives a deep mixed citrus candy flavour, which is the primary flavour in this mix

Flavour 2: VTA Russian Vodka.  This vodka gives the alcohol taste and throat hit in the mix. this flavour merges perfectly into our mix.

Flavour 3: VTA RB Energy. This RB energy gives that red energy flavour that everyone enjoys and finishes the recipe with a steew


Recipe Guide

Breath Time: Leave cap off for 4hrs
Steep Time : Steep for 48hrs
Total Recipe Flavours:3
Recipe Complexity : Beginner / Advanced
Mixing Time: Approx 4-5 mins

Why create your own e-liquid?

Cost is one of the major factors of choosing to create your own e-liquid and following this is total control over your e-liquid recipe to create the flavours that you like. Boost your confidence and learn how to mix your e-liquid is not only rewarding, it gives you the ability to be flexible on creating the flavours that work for you.
If you’re sick and tired of paying as much as $1 per ml of e-liquid in some cases even more, then we are going to show you how easy it is to create awesome tasting e-liquids right in the comfort of your home.

Please note: This pack does NOT include mixing bottles,dispensing bottles or PG/VG. Be sure to add those to your shopping cart if you require them.

This flavour is also available in our RTV “Ready to Vape” section of our store if you’re not up to making it yourself. This flavour can be made as a “One Shot” flavour for resellers internationally at request, please contact us for this service here.

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